Roll Call of Champions

Some work is being undertaken on developing profiles and general interest articles on local tennis greats. Reports will start to appear in the near future.

The ATA is seeking any information on Life Members and others that have made a significant contribution to the Association and tennis in the region. Please contact the ATA if you can assist.

Life Members

Mr N. Frauenfelder
Mrs N. Frauenfelder
Mr RH Carter
Mr AW Denison
Mr Don Logan
Mr HJ Simpson
Mr JJ Nolan
Mr ER Gill
Mr CH Garrett
Mr P. Nugent
Mrs I. Ellis
Mrs E. Gill
Mr J. Matthews
Mr G. Sheumack
Mr R. Scholz
Mr MG Mueller
Mr H. Flood
Mrs Lona Johnstone
June Shanahan
Bill Simmonds
Myra Simmonds