Tuesday Ladies Pennant 2016/17

  • October 8, 2016

Tuesday Ladies Pennant begins on 11th Oct 2016 and will be played on Hardcourts for the first three (3) weeks at this stage due to the wet courts.

Section 1 Ladies will be played at the Grasscourts with one match at Forrest Hill courts. This match is between Wurtz and Furst. Section 2 Ladies will be played at Glenly Tennis courts and Section 3 Ladies at Uiver Park courts. Ball Fees remain the same @ $14-00 per player. ATA Tennis Registration is $22-00 and has to be paid by the 1st November 2016. Forfeits are to avoided and if your team cannot get a fill in, then matches can be played with Three (3) Players per team against each other.   If you cannot find a player please contact one of the Committee members DianneWurtz, Diane Star, Jan Dihood or Sandra Langford to give some assistance.  A New Forfeit Penalty Rule may be applied by the Committee to deduct Eight (8) points off per forfeit on that team.

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