Tuesday Ladies Grand Final Results

  • September 11, 2018

Section 1

Barty 6/40 (Rouvray, Reddy, Takle, Plested) defeated Dellacqua 0/20 (Martin, Wilson, Dickins, van der Vliet)

Best Player:  Winner: V. Reddy; Runner up: D. Wurtz

Section 2

King 4/30 (Sheil, Staughton, Bailey, Molesworth) defeated Seles 2/22 (Frawley, Alymore, Graham, Byrne)

Best Player: Winner: R. Frawley, Runner up: L. Byrne

Section 3

Graf 4/30 (Huckstepp, Simpson, Kent, Finlay) defeated Evert 2/25 (Lee, Dihood, Connelly, Denby)

Best Player: Winner: Z. Merritt; Runner up: J. Dihood

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