Summer Pennant 2016-2017

  • October 1, 2016

Summer Pennant begins 8th Oct for Sections 1 Men, 2 Men and Sect 1 Ladies. Because of the wet weather, play will begin on the Hard Courts as per the draws posted on the Draw page. Please check draws for the 8th October and 15th October for Court allocations. Court allocations will be posted for the 22nd October and 29th October in the coming week. This will be decided when the Grass Courts are right to play on.  All matches on 29th October will be played on hard courts and Wodonga due to the Bruce Cup being played at the ATA. If matches for the 22nd October are played on the Grass Courts, starting time will be 12-30pm for all Sections and a spare court will be allocated between two matches, due to commitments with the start of the Bruce Cup.

Draws for the Summer pennant and Team Sheets  are posted on Draw Page.

Court allocations for 8th Oct, 15th Oct, 22nd Oct & 29th Oct are and will be posted on Draw page as well.

Ball Fees for Sect 1 Men, Sect 3 Men, Sect 1 Ladies and Sect 2 Ladies is $14-00 per player.

Sect 2 Men Ball Fees is $15-00 per player.

Section 5 Men, Section 6 Men and Section 3 Ladies Ball Fees are $10-00 per player with used balls.

Sections 1 Men, Section 5 Men and Section 6 Men are 3 man comps, while the others are 4 person comps.

Section 2 Men start at 12-30pm , all the rest are at 1-30pm.

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