Saturday Pennant Grand Final Results

  • September 14, 2019

Section 1 Men

Wodonga 3/42 (Meagher, Leenarts, Paull) defeated St Patricks/Diggerville 3/41 (Ahern, Parnell, Golshan)


Section 2 Men

Forest Hill Cats 4/32 (R. Wurtz, Pillay, Starr, Morrow) defeated Thurgoona Sharks 0/18 (Mitchell, Klopper, Craane, Morrison)


Section 3 Men

Forest Hill Bulldongs 5/46 (Kelso, R. Lowe, Bodycott, J. Lowe) defeated Thurgoona Bears 1/27 (Woodhouse, Browne, van der Veeke, Carroll)



Section 4

St Patricks/Diggerville Yellow 4/40 (Miller, Street, Soulsby) defeated St Patricks/Diggerville Gold 2/40 (R. Filliponi, Graham, L. Filliponi)


Section 5

Howlong 4/36 (Campbell, O’Gorman, Henson) defeated Albury Blue 2/33 (Kugathasan, Arnold, Brown)



Section 1 Ladies

Wodonga Larrikins 6/48 (Piergrosse, Oates, Craven, Allen) defeated Thurgoona Jade 0/21 (Davis, Baldwin, Rooke, Clark)


Section 2 Ladies

Glenly 5/47 (McAllister, Carlin, Sierer, Jones) defeated Walla Walla 1/33 (Hueske, Schroeter, Seidel, Wegener)


Best Player Awards


Section 1

Winner: Travis Leenarts; Runner up Matthew Paull

Section 2

Winner: Peter Murphy; Runner up: Rodney Wurtz

Section 3

Winner: Jason Lowe; Runner up: Ryan Lowe

Section 4

Winner: Issac Street; Runner up: Scott Soulsby

Section 5

Winner: Taylor Brown; Runner up: Aaron Arnold



Section 1

Winner: Trish Baldwin; Runner up: Sandra Allen


Section 2

Winner: Judy Hueske; Runner up: Kathryn McAllister



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