Saturday Pennant 15th December 2018

  • December 14, 2018

Due to the heavy rainfall the Grass courts at Albury and Wodonga are out.  Matches will be transferred to Hardcourts as follows.

Sect 1 Men:

Wangaratta v F/Hill Galahs @ Wangaratta

F/Hill Blues v St Pats Chill @ St Pats

F/Hill Cats v Wodonga Bulldogs @ Forrest Hill

Sect 2 Men:

St Pats Black v St Pats Yellow @ St Pats

Albury v F/Hill Diggers @ Albury

Sacred Heart Gold v Sacred Heart Green @ Sacred Heart

Wodonga Bushrangers v F/Hill Blues @ Wodonga

Wodonga Raiders v F/Hill Wombats @ Wodonga

Sect 3 Men:

Wodonga Eagles v Wodonga Pirates @ Wodonga

F/Hill Saints v F/Hill Blues @ Forrest Hill

Thurgoona Bears v St Pats Tigers @ Thurgoona

Albury Gold v Glenly Gold @ Glenly

Albury Blue v St Pats Blue @ Glenly

Sect 4 Men:

St Pats Yellow v Lavington Pheonix @ Lavington

Lavington Dragons v Wodonga Bears @ Lavington

Albury Green v St Pats Gold @ Albury

Albury Blue v Scots Gold @ Albury

Wodonga Lions v St Pats Green

Sect 5 Men:

All matches are at the Grass Courts as usual

Sect 1 Ladies:

All matches are at Wodonga

Sect 2 Ladies:

Uiver Park v Glenly @ Uiver Park

Forrest Hill v St Pats Green @ St Pats

St Pats Gold v Wodonga Rosellas @ St Pats

If one player from each club, Albury, Thurgoona, St Pats, Forrest Hill, Lavington, Glenly, Sacred Heart and Uiver Park can pick up Score Sheets, Balls and Money Bags from the Grass courts Saturday Morning that would be great.

Don’t forget Xmas Party is still on starting at 6-30pm.

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