Grant Final Results – Saturday 13th

  • April 14, 2019


Section 1

Forest Hill 5/47 (S Bulle, K Curphey,D Wurtz,D Star) defeated Wodonga Larrikins 1/18 (R Wilson, K Oates,J  Piergrosse,D  Larkin)

Best Player Award

To be eligible need to have played 60% of matches

Winner: Sally Bulle 92%; Runner up: Dianne Wurtz 80%


Section 2

Wodonga Doves 4/36 (M. Cribbes, J Knoth, O. Cribbes, M Ebert) defeated Wodonga Rosellas 2/27 (R Frawley,R  Hodgkin,A  Marcuzzi, S. Plested)

Best Player

Winner: Maree Cribbs 93%; Runner up: Tess and Abby Quinlan 83%



Section 1

St Patricks/Diggerville Chill 5/45 (J Culph, M. Shanahan, R. Parnell) defeated Wodonga Bulldogs 1/23 (G. Hawkins,T  Leenaerts, T. O’Connell)

Best Player Award

Winner: Jade Culph 93%; Runner up: Nick Vicary 78%


Section 2

Forest Hill Wombats 6/49 (K. Wurtz, G. Wurtz, S Tyas, M McMahon) defeated Wodonga Bushrangers 1/22 (J Bear, S. O’Connell, J McVean, J Morrison)

Best Player

Winner: Graham Wurtz 91%; Runner up: Ken Wurtz 84%


Section 3

Albury Blue 4/41 (M Cowie, I Llewellyn, K Reid, I Bull) defeated Wodonga Pirates 2/31 (C Farrar, L Gadd, R Carlisle, C Rokahr)

Best Player

Winner: Chris Rokahr 88%; Runner up: Tony Grigg and Peter McMahon 81%


Section 4

Wodonga Bears 4/35 (W Robertson, J. Plested, W. Cribbes) defeated Albury Green 2/31 (J Ellao, E Haberfield, L. Ellao)

Best Player

Winner: Ryan Tinworth 93%; Runner up Lylah Ellao 83%


Section 5

Albury Gold 4/30 (R Kugathasan, T Brown, T Fiase) defeated Forest Hill Swans 2/26 (A. McFarlane, S. McFarlane, E Pope)

Best Player

Winner: Ella McDonald; Runner up: Ram Kugathasan 83%




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