Corona Virus(Covid19) notice

  • March 14, 2020

Saturday pennant is on today Saturday 14th March 2020 and we expect to complete the sesson in the usual fashion. The position adopted by this association in relation to the spread of Corona Virus is as follows:

At present there are no reported cases of the virus in Albury and our event involves less than 500 people. Therefore there is no reason to postpone any tennis event in Albury. The ATA provides the following advise for the general protection of its members and local community.. If you are experiencing flu symptoms please self-isolate and find a replacement for your team. The virus is not generally an airborne spread disease unless someone was to cough or sneeze directly into your face. Droplets from sneezes fall to the ground quit quickly so the simple courtesy of covering your mouth when you sneeze is all that is required. The virus generally spreads by hand contact with your face and mouth. Please maintain a regime of self-hygiene by regularly washing your hands to reduce the risk of transferring the virus to surfaces you touch including your face and mouth. The use of soap and water, sanitizer of a general disinfectant like pinoclean is all that is needed to reduce the spread of any virus. Please take simple hygiene precautions we are aware of. We recommend cleaning your hands immediately before and after a match and give your racket handle a quick wipe.

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